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Take these with a grain of salt.

No seriously, take these with a grain of salt...

Google is becoming more evil.

Amazon is larger then you think it is.

Imgur was piggybacking on reddit, but is now seeking to destroy reddit as competition.

9gag, funnyjunk, 4chan, photobucket, digg, slashdot, are all DEAD sites.

"Mess Media" no longer consists of news, but "clickbait" watered down, filtered, biased and sensationlized "news".

The chinese are hiding some form of corruption in Hong Kong. But politically, its not "corruption".

I keep my Twitter feeds protected for a purpose. I don't want private opinions expressed to the world unless I use a proper channel to do so (G+, Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, e.t.c...). Don't go on about how I delete my tweets or tumblr posts, because they're not meant to be public, that's being stupid and not being able to derive judgement from context.

Stop trying to attack this site. Its protected in multiple levels that even I can't understand.

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