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Things that die quickly

More things to fix?

As a web developer, or something along those lines, I get fustrated when things break. Because I would either not notice it and it becomes a huge security risk, or it could lead to bad consequences

Or, things stop working after a few years, despite expecting stuff to work.

So here's a list of things that die quickly, I'll be updating this as time goes buy (the domain is set to expire in 2023, which is pretty long time for me to see more things break.

Twitter's APIs

I had this twitter follow thing to easily manage and unfollow people. I wrote it in Python with twitter's oauth api v1 in mind. Well, it got changed to v1.1 and things broke. Luckily I managed to dump the oauth library and adopt a new one, that also involves an "oauth" dance that I do not want to dance to ever again..., profile management thing

The "Other" link on my homepage, links to, which used to be something that linked to my other social media sites, but no longer works. Luckily I implemented this a year or so ago,

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