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A micro-glimpse of a sharp and clear mountain scene.
A soothing and calm mountain scene.


To contact me via email, the steps are simple.

#1 Enter your email address (REQUIRED!)

#2 Solve my bot challenger code / or use Google's ReCAPTCHA

#3 And send me a message via the email address that is sent to yours...

The Wind __________ Me Away


A Group that Prevents Deforestation

A Fox's Fur

Anger is Expressed as this Colour


Nothing personal, I just thought it was fun to create a system like this... Think of it as a hard-to-crack game. And as an added bonus, you get to play the game to prove that you aren't a bot ;)


How long can I expect a reply?

Usually within 16 hours. If I'm not busy... Right now,

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