extramaster's happy street stimulus package...

Should not be working any more, Godzilab were more then obliged to fix it and they did....
Use it wisely ;)

- [Some risk, modifies requests list] This is where you can send stuff!
How many? [25 item limit]
What do you want sent [do you need more hotel members instead]?
What object do you want sent? [Preset Hotel Member]
Do you want the action to be done under your name? Enter a custom pid here [not required!]:
Who do you want to send it to?
- [No risk, read only, nothing modified in-game] This is where you can see your friend's PIDs!
Do you want your friend's facebook links as well?
What is your PID?:
- [Low risk, modifys data on user interaction] This is where you can see your gifting requests!
What is your PID?:
- [No risk, read only, nothing modified in-game] This is where you can download people's worlds with their PIDs!
Grab world from:
- [High risk, possiblity to erase all data from your Happy Street requests list] This is where you remove items sent with my PID! Guaranteed to crash the server. Just refresh the link if it does...
Clean account from:
- [Moderate risk, could crash the Happy Street service] This is where you can receive ALL the items!!!
Send all items to:
- [EXTREME risk, possiblity to never be able to play the game online again] This is where you get flooz.. But it's so powerful...
WARNING, extremely powerful. Don't blame anything on me when something happens... But this action is pretty stable/safe if you don't add any custom NC or NC Earned values [below]

[done automatically][DANGEROUS!]:
[done automatically][DANGEROUS!]:

idk, it doesn't work apparently, worked for me though...

Add flooz to:
- [Low risk, uses one way data that is pretty safe] This is where you can boost your museum!
Send museum world actions to:
- [Low risk, uses one way data that is pretty safe] This is where you can boost your stores!
Send visits to:
- [No risk, uses one way data] This is where you can read your messages!
Read messages from:

Text keep area! [stored locally on your devices]

OMG! The flooz injector still works, all you have to do is change the NC and NCEarned to something high... Though, I'm not recommending it unless you don't want your world to be uploadable again..... Thanks to emma_nori for figuring this out....
Currently placing limits on the tool so that an event like last time would not occur again (ie: Everyone losing their inbox due to there being soo many items). Will work on flooz injector but it does not work right now (since this is using code from March, aka Happy Street v1.3, v1.4, v1.5 and v1.6)
Apparently, in the 4 months that I've last worked on this little tool, everyone hates Happy Street now :)
Aww, that's sweet... looks like no-one has figured out how to do this.. it's actually quite simple - apart from the injecting flooz part.. Link to some forum


is this site/tool free?

Yes, there's even no ads on here at all..

Does it work?

This is all code ported from 4 months ago, so I do not guarantee that all of it works, especially not the flooz injector...

Also, rate-limit of 20 items every 3 minutes...

I reloaded Happy Street and didn't get any new messages?

During March, the developers around Happy Street allowed messages to be recieved as is... Meaning that if you had 10000 messages, the Happy Street system would attempt to deliever them to you but crashed. Meaning that you've effectively lost control of your inbox..

With the new update, there is a cap of 100 messages, which alleviated this issue. What this meant was that it would appear as though you only have 100 items to go through. But the reality is, is that you probably have thousands of messages to tap through before you can get to your friend's messages..

This has happened before but please don't do it now. Don't expect to be spamming thousands of items to yourselves and expect your experience of the game to continue smoothly.

Use this tool wisely. If you see that you don't get any new messages, then at least tap through your existing messages, reload it again and you'll see it..

How do I find my friend's PIDs?

  1. Select "List Friends" on the dropdown box next to action
  2. Input your PID in the box
  3. Press "Execute Action"
  4. Wait for it to process.

I need to send items to myself, or someone else:

  1. Select the amount of items that you want sent
  2. Select the item you want sent
  3. Input your PID
  4. Press "Start Sending"
  5. Wait for script to finish running
  6. Relaunch Happy Street [or if you're doing this from another device lock it and turn it back on]
  7. Start accepting gifts from your inbox...

I've got too much items from you and I'm sick of it:

  1. Select "Clean Requests" on the dropdown box next to action
  2. Input your PID in the box
  3. Press "Execute Action"
  4. Wait for it to process.

I've got an error message and I need to contact the admin:

Refresh the link and see what happens, if you still get the message then send me a message on Happy Street

A basic idea of what's going on..

Bonus: A video that I made on April showing how it worked (and it's still kindof the same now)

Too dark?
Blur all inputs?

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