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I understand the risks of using Windows XP, and I want to proceed.

You will be encountering https errors globally (read: worldwide - more than 2 million websites) if you're still using Windows XP.

Upgrade to Windows Vista or later to resolve these security issues, this is out of my hand at the current moment, as Windows XP is currently full of security issues.

Internet Explorer 11 in modern/metro mode works! You don't get https errors (on a fresh installation, mind you), and overall, the experience is much better then on Windows XP

"There will inevitably be more serious security flaws that will affect Windows XP. Already, security company FireEye is warning of exploits using the latest IE flaw that deliberately target Windows XP. And one in four PCs running an operating system without any new security updates is a hacker's dream."

From - Windows XP: Microsoft can't wash its hands of the security problem so easily - ZDNet

Now enjoy the little piece below! Or not (click here to proceed).

On the 8th of April, 2014. Microsoft Corporation announced the end of support of a gem of its time, Windows XP.
After years of migrating all traces of civilization onto a more flat playing field, users of this ancient relic face onslaughts of alien programs and viruses coming from the interstellar space we now know as the "world wide web".
Tribes communed to stay put, in fear of the imminent losses of program compatibility and loss of the precious capital needed to move on to this new "civilization".
But then a war waged between corporate world and the world of the consumer - the more organised mass desperate to hang on to remnants of its stabilized monolithic code.
It was a patient game, the best move to make is to not make one at all.
Hopes of destabilization and civil war from the consumer side soon invigorated the corporate world to stay on Windows XP, in spite of Microsoft's insistence.
But when it suddenly dawned upon them that Windows XP would just be unmaintainable and much at a strategic disadvantage, the first of a few casualties occurred.
First came the innocuous and copiously fuelled start-ups - their red-hair and fiery attitude tempered by their hot cash shaped a smile as they rode the ship into the "flat civilization".
A trigger that inspired change in larger, more "innovative" giants, migrating code to Windows 7 - A compromise to "Windows Blue", or in some cases, diverging to Linux operating systems to cut costs to the overseer of the two worlds.
The tragic loss of large corporate giants were not to kill the hopes of the smaller businesses, who hung on to the remnants of their past.
Reminiscing, these people smile in the face of offered legacy support, and furiously demand unsatisfiable support for newer applications.
And unfortunately, as it stands, while visiting, you are a part of this "corporate world" and seem lost.....
Andy Tran (I), cannot offer you the spoils of the new site redesign, being 2014.
However, you can continue with your day by visiting this page:
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