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Site is currently being built. But for now, there's some pretty cool tools that you can use...


What is the purpose of this site?

This site is planned to be the central point to most of my integrated projects, serving as both a scripted version of my main website (aka this site is meant to be the site that has cool scripts and features that drive it), and as a easy way for me to create apis for applications to run upon...

What are APIs?

Strictly speaking, APIs will be refered to as Server-side Web APIs in this case. What this means is that the site will be running a special type of API called RESTful. What an API basically is, is that it allows for programming languages to communicate with a website, in a way that resources can be accessed remotely and so that the server can execute what the programming language/programs wants (in this case, the "client"). With this, APIs are a fancy way of saying "this website is open for programs to use", in that the multiplayer-game APIs that I create can be used by anyone...

What does this site have to do with being "social"?

As this site hosts most of my apis, very cool features can be extended upon it and new apis/services can be built, such as a multiplayer game and even a profile host for those multiplayer games (one of the many social features planned for this site) -- the primary intention of this site's creation

What are "layers"?

Individual parts of this site that serve differents tasks and hosts/use different apis


  1. Game
    • BlackJack (has an API ready that uses JSON as the data interchange format)
  2. Profile
  3. Hacks
  4. Tools

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